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This month’s newsletter, I wanted to share with you... the purpose behind SB Business Services and why we have decided to support Soul traders and SMEs in any sector or industry.

There is a great deal of advice and information out there, but it is mostly aimed at the bigger companies. The companies who nearly always have a staff member with designated time to trawl through the websites, page after page. But, as a Sole trader or SME, you don’t have the time, you simply spend most of your days trying to cram 16 hours into 12.

We decided it was time to give all of you one place for your complete support system. One place to stop and find out if you are compliant, if your systems are working or if you’ve got any systems?

Good for you if you have, but then comes the processes, they are no good in your head, what happens when you are not about? What happens if you are unwell, and someone must take over? What is your Back Up plan?

Now for the dreaded word… Policies. Really? Are they necessary? Absolutely, you have business insurance. Don’t you? Well, your business policies are you added insurances, your safety blankets, and cushions.

Then, comes your biggest asset…. Your staff. Clearly, they are. Without your staff your business would not run, you employed them, right? Because you needed them. So, look after them, value them. Do you monitor staff, train them, upskill them so they can be the absolute best they can be?

If you are cramming 16 hours into 12 most days of the week, we very much doubt you monitor much at all, there lies the problem, your business is then at risk and so are you, or had you forgotten about corporate responsibility.

Get it right. And stay out of jail. find out if your business is on the right footing, take our scorecard on our website.

It's only seven questions and takes approximately 2 minutes. Your report will give you a clear picture of how well you are doing and where we can support you on your journey. It's free. Why? because we feel you should not have to pay for advice we think it should be free.

These will be the most valuable 2 minutes you spend on your business

Our journey of building and growing our business started to concern us, especially through the last year of the covid-19 pandemic, which still looms in our lives and will do for many years in the future. We needed to find a way to connect to you, get out there, let you see who SB is? The visions? The values? The beliefs? and ethical approaches.

So, we used Facebook Live Video and started live sessions every Saturday 11:00 AM, just for 10 minutes. This became, Sarah's Saturday Sofa Session (The 4S’s). You can join in, you can come and join me on the sofa. If you like talking about your business, or something that you are passionate about. A subject that you feel needs to be addressed or aired, why not join me on the sofa? I post all my videos on my YouTube channel, and I then translate them into blogs for my website so take a look there too.

I have covered many subjects, reflection, motivation and isolation vision, values, and resilience to name but a few. This is all genuinely great, but… the most essential part for me is your feedback. Without your feedback, I don't know if I'm doing well, I don't know where I'm going wrong, I don't know what I can do better, so tell me. send me a message, go to my business on google and leave a review, connect on LinkedIn send me an email or go to our Facebook

The future

SB has got a few more ideas up their sleeves which we are currently working on and we would really appreciate your feedback, here are a couple of things of ideas.

Firstly, increasing our products and services which will help systemise your business. Initially, we are going to target the construction industry, however, systemisation is there for every business.

From being a business, disorganised, hard to manage, with a leader who is working too many hours in their business instead of on their business to becoming a highly valuable business with an excellent reputation that is easy to manage giving you your free time to go off and do what you want to enjoy.

If you are intrigued, then get in touch. No pressure, but your feedback on the idea would be most appreciated.

Secondly, I'm creating a small book - Problem Busters, hard copy and electronic versions which are little bit bigger than a post-it note, they are going to be fun filled problem solving solutions for the small business and the sole trader, daily problems with daily solutions with some nice comical illustrations to lighten the load.

Would you buy something like this?

How much would you pay for that a desktop toolkit at your fingertips?

Please, let me have your feedback Click here.

Important News for you all!

Please remember that ALL businesses need a Covid Risk Assessment in place for all workplaces. This is the first document the HSE check on their visits. We have had at least 2 clients report back that they have received HSE visits under the guise of Covid in the last month in our area. That includes, offices, sites warehousing etc. Thanks everyone for reading this months newsletter.

Always here, to nurture the roots of your business making a difference to sustainable growth

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