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May Time...

I am already hearing people saying, “where has the year gone?” “When are we going to get back to normal?” “Are we always going to be in lockdown?” “Will we always need to wear a face mask”?

All these questions are valid and have consequences depending on how we react to them. we can view these two ways.

We can review positively or negatively. If we review positively, we reflect, we can learn by mistakes we have made, and the things which made us feel good we continue to do and we improve overall. If we review negatively, we deny and resist and we feel sad, we will not achieve anything, and we will not feel we are growing and being nurtured.

What a fabulous idea to hang your flowers

So, I am starting my monthly blog on a positive note. Its MAY…. The beautiful may flowers like irises will flourish, it will soon be summertime and it is going to be getting warmer and brighter and with that, we will see growth in our gardens and growth within ourselves and then the “not so good stuff” that we have all experienced of late will become a life lesson of which we can reflect upon as a driver of enthusiasm and optimism.

Find out more about me and my business… Have a peek!

Back in January this year, I decided to start on a new venture – having had a 3am light bulb moment when my brain was unable to sleep. This is when Sarah’s Saturday Sofa Sessions was born…. Every Saturday at 11 am for just 10 minutes on Facebook to share ideas, experiences, subjects, and many other things to help viewers of both business and pleasure to get to know me as a person. The reason behind the sofa sessions is to share after all “sharing is caring”. To break down barriers and bring people together, to show I am here to

support you on your journey, enabling you to gain my trust so when I come into your business, you know a little more about who I am.

Since January, my Sofa Sessions have gone from strength to strength, and I am proud to say I have many viewers and followers. Viewers who don't get chance to see the “live chat” can go to my Facebook page to review the latest video and previous videos or go to my YouTube channel if you view any videos, LIKE SHARE and SUBSCRIBE as every week there will always be something new, so don’t miss out!

My sofa sessions have already shared are.

· Kindness

· Balance

· Change

· Isolation

· Motivation

· Vision

· Frustration

· Reflection

· Adaptability – with Bev Mapes Business Owner – Designsalike Ltd

· Stress - Friend Helen Harris

Join me and let me know your experiences, ideas, and thoughts. If you want to join me on the Sofa, just get in touch. The more we can share the more we care.

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