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“One of Sally’s most positive attributes is the relationships she builds with her clients.  Sally ensures that all her clients are looked after in a friendly, professional manner.”

Sb Business Support Testimonials

Here’s what some recent clients and colleagues have to say:

I often get introduced by High Street banks to Companies who are financially challenged.  Often there are arrears to HMRC either for VAT, PAYE/NI, or Self Assessment or in some cases all three.  Whilst accountants can offer to be the primary contact with HMRC, I always use Sally.

Sally knows the internal processes and procedures that HMRC have to abide by and she also knows her way round the organisation.  With Sally on board common sense normally prevails and some sort of time to pay arrangement can be negotiated to give the Company time to trade out of the situation it finds itself in.  This means HMRC get their money and the Company survives – which is a win-win.

Graham KnightManaging Directoriuvare ltd

Sally’s knowledge of the issues, their ramifications with HMRC and her ability to navigate the passage to approval by HMRC, brought a difficult project to fruition.

Charles BartholomewBusiness ConsultantCMB

Sally has been instrumental in giving me significant business guidance over the years, from expert Tax advice through to unbiased mentoring.  She has helped me through various developments of my business interests and has been an incredible source of support when necessary.

She played a pivotal role in the sale of my business, being involved from the initial valuations and negotiations through to the final signing, offering practical solutions to unforeseen hurdles.

Sally’s professional approach to business in general exudes competence and engenders confidence. She is a valued asset to any business.

Milton VerityManaging DirectorProplastix Limited

Sally helped us launch our design consultancy. She has helped us form the company, apply for tax credits and also gave guidance on our costings. She can add value in so many ways, we highly recommend you get in touch with her.

James McInernyDesign ConsultantDesitech Limited